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The Future of Healthcare Is Connected & Data-Driven

The opening keynote for BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley was well-attended and the topic was indeed a concerning – Developing Cloud-Based Software in a Changing Regulator...

Nov 30, 2022


2022 MIT Research and Development Conference

MIT Startup Exchange Lightning Talk by Erez Kaminski, Founder and CEO, Ketryx on End-to-end regulated software development platform

Nov 15, 2022

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Keynote Speakers from Medtronic and Ketryx Corporation Taking the Stage at BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley

BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley, the must-attend regional show connecting engineers and cutting-edge medtech companies, today announces registration is now live for November.

Oct 25, 2022

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MIT Media Lab Spring Meeting 2022: E14 Startups

During the 2022 Spring Meeting, the following startups affiliated with the Media Lab will be presenting (hosted by the E14 Fund)

Apr 6, 2022

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What Makes a Company Successful at Using AI?

Companies in a wide range of industries are trying to integrate analytics and data to improve their operations, with decidedly mixed results. What are top performers doing...

Feb 28, 2022

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GxP AI Workflow: An NLP Case Study

In this second AI Learning Session covering the topics most frequently requested by our AI Experts Network, Erez Kaminski provides an overview of a systematic way to deve...

Dec 3, 2021

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The Transformative Impact of Patient Apps in Healthcare

COVID has opened the floodgates and allowed the ecosystem to evolve rapidly. A lot of the recent acceleration has to do with the reimbursement of services. We have had...

Aug 9, 2021