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Real-time, navigable traceability across the entire SDLC

Automatic & Real-Time

Ketryx creates a real-time requirements traceability matrix by overlaying product development tools and connecting all items, risks, code, and tests.

  • Automated lifecycle traceability across all requirements, design inputs/outputs, tests, and documentation
  • Automatic generation of documentation and traceability for each release
  • Your RTM is always up-to-date, no manual work required

Unlimited nesting relationships

  • Define your graph however you want 
  • Configurable data structure 
  • Enforce your organization’s design control traceability requirements
  • Establish microservice architecture with traceability across projects
  • Configure traceability according to each project’s risk level


  • Navigate the RTM with links to each traced item in other systems like Jira or GitHub
  • Local traceability in Jira makes it easy to see all related items
  • Query the RTM using natural language


  • Search the RTM and use filters to quickly track changes between versions, find gaps, and focus efforts
  • Instantly identify gaps or updates needed if something is non-compliant
  • Ketryx automatically generates compliant documentation (DHF) from any connected system and maintains traceability across the lifecycle
  • We build Ketryx using Ketryx, and our processes have been audited and validated to standards 13485, 14971, and 62304

How It Works

  • Ketryx creates a parallel Part 11-compliant record and history of all systems
  • Ketryx creates local traceability within Jira enabling, and/or enforcing, team members to easily trace, and classify, every new item to at least one other item
  • Ketryx automatically maintains relationships across records and across systems
  • Ketryx automatically generates and maintains a real-time and navigable requirements traceability matrix

The Ketryx Platform

What is Ketryx?

End-to-End Lifecycle Management Using Your Favorite Development Tools


Integrate development tools, cloud infrastructure, and languages into a single traceable software development lifecycle with enterprise monitoring