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How Oui Therapeutics Unified and Accelerated Their SDLC

How Oui Therapeutics Unified and Accelerated Their SDLC

Oui Therapeutics is dedicated to developing digital therapeutics to save lives, with a particular focus on combating suicide and addressing complex healthcare challenges. Oui’s mission revolves around pioneering novel treatments for patients lacking accessible or proven interventions, demonstrating a commitment to transformative healthcare solutions.
Device Type
Tech Stack
Jira, GitHub

Customer pain points

Inefficient test result management

The team had two primary pain points with an eQMS they were using: they were struggling with reporting automated tests and referencing requirements across projects. The inability to align their eQMS with their SDLC hindered their ability to manage test results efficiently and release software frequently.

The Ketryx solution

Minimizing duplication, maximizing visibility

Instead of replacing their existing tool with another eQMS, they decided to use Ketryx as a connected lifecycle management system that would tie together their existing tools, like Jira and GitHub.

Automated Test Reporting
Ketryx enabled Oui’s development team to easily document automated tests, providing greater visibility into their quality assurance efforts.

Referencing Items Across Projects
Ketryx's integration with Jira enabled the team to quickly create tickets and link them to the codebase for systems of systems.

Configuration Item Management
The team was excited to manage configuration items directly in the source code with Ketryx, minimizing duplication between specs and code comments.

Business outcomes

Unified lifecycle management

Following the implementation of Ketryx, the team quickly realized the following benefits: 

  • Reduced time spent on managing automated tests
  • Matched regulatory strategy to software architecture through cross-project referencing
  • Ketryx eDMS lets them manage documents and SDLC in the same place, ensuring comprehensive oversight

“Overall we’ve been very happy relative to our previous workflow. Ketryx lets us get a lot more granular and more specific in terms of defining the configuration items. It maps much better onto our software development workflow and processes.”

Alec Winograd
VP of Engineering
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