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Ensuring SBOM Transparency and Security

Build trustworthy open-source supply chains with your preferred development tools

Employ a risk-based approach for safer, more secure software

Identify software dependencies with higher risk in real-time. Proactively reduce the probability of adverse events, enhancing overall software quality. Ketryx creates a single consolidated view of your open-source supply chain directly from your source code, making it easy to comply with regulations around COTS, SOUP, and Off-the-shelf Software (OTS), and Open Source, like IEC 62304/GAMP 5 and CFR 21 part 11.

Boost productivity with automated generation of precise, accurate SBOMs

Ketryx enables teams to generate precise, comprehensive SBOMs in just minutes, delivering:

  • Current software configurations
  • Detailed FDA-ready documentation
  • Medical-grade cybersecurity coverage
  • Automated compliance with the PATCH Act

Ensure peace of mind with continuous SOUP and dependency monitoring

Ketryx creates a centralized dashboard for real-time management of all Software of Unknown Provenance (SOUP) and other software dependencies. Identify potential risk and security vulnerabilities at a glance with proactive monitoring and alerting to address issues before they impact performance. Keeping up with security patches is easy to manage and document.

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"The best way to reduce software supply chain risk and comply with FDA Software Bill of Material requirements."
Director, Fortune 500 Medical Device Manufacturer

The Ketryx Platform

What is Ketryx?

End-to-End Lifecycle Management Using Your Favorite Development Tools


Integrate development tools, cloud infrastructure, and languages into a single traceable software development lifecycle with enterprise monitoring