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How Beacon Biosignals Reduced Their Release Cycle to Two Weeks for AI/ML Products

How Beacon Biosignals Reduced Their Release Cycle to Two Weeks for AI/ML Products

Beacon Biosignals combines wearable technology and AI-driven analytics to transform and enhance the treatment of neurologic, sleep, and psychiatric diseases. Their scalable solution combines FDA-cleared devices and software, machine learning algorithms, and extensive datasets to accelerate drug development by providing rapid and precise analysis of brain data.
Medical Device
Device Type
AI Platform, Wearables
Tech Stack
Jira, GitHub

Customer pain points

Manual traceability created inefficiencies

Before Ketryx, the Beacon Biosignals team spent many hours on highly manual documentation and traceability processes, leading to longer release cycles.

  • Manual Documentation: Documentation process for updating requirements and specifications was extremely labor-intensive, significantly slowing down their development workflow.
  • Traceability Breaks: Time consuming to keep traceability up-to-date with manual and error-prone methods such as Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Redundant Efforts: Generation of test plans and reports for software testing that was already automated and documented in code was redundant and effortful. 
  • Microservice Complexity: Needed to manage a microservice architecture with varying regulatory requirements across components, but found traditional documentation approaches inflexible.

The Ketryx solution

A self-documenting SDLC

Beacon Biosignals sought a developer-centric solution to streamline SDLC management and selected Ketryx to achieve the following objectives:

  • Establishing Traceability: Automated traceability in Ketryx significantly decreases manual effort and errors in maintaining documentation for both hardware and software. 
  • Automated Tests: Integration with GitHub Actions automates test execution logging, streamlining the development process.
  • SBOM Support: With Ketryx, uploading an SPDX and maintaining an accurate Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) became effortless. This capability streamlines risk analysis of software dependencies, reducing errors and enhancing overall efficiency.

Business outcomes

Faster validated releases

With Ketryx, the Beacon Biosignals team quickly realized several key benefits:

  • Faster Releases: Reduced release cycles from four weeks to two weeks while significantly enhancing documentation quality.
  • Reduced Documentation Time: Achieved a 75% reduction in documentation cycle time, with the generation of necessary documents now instantaneous.
  • End-to-End Traceability: Ketryx automatically generated clear traceability and referencing within complex microservice architecture.
  • Automated Testing Efficiency: Ketryx increased agility by integrating automated testing into the developer workflow and made it easy to document the results of comprehensive testing for every release.

“Ketryx has allowed us to channel our hardware and software engineers’ existing set of development, testing, and documentation practices directly into the generation of compliant documentation with minimal additional burden. This has allowed us to remain agile while delivering high-quality products.”

Alexander Chan
VP of Analytics and Machine Learning
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