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Open-Source Supply Chain Risk Management

Integrate FDA-grade Cyber Security Compliance and Reliability into your Regulated Applications. Ensure you open source supply chain is safe, reliable, and secure using your favorite language

Take a risk-based approach to open source software

Create a real-time single source of truth for your open source risk supply chain directly from your source code. Comply with regulations around COTS, SOUP, and Off-the-shelf Software (OTS), and Open Source, like IEC 62304/GAMP 5 and CFR 21 part 11.

Increase productivity with automation

Generate a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in minutes using Ketryx's proprietary open source reliability databases. The Ketryx Platform supports your team with correct software configuration, detailed documentation, and medical-grade cybersecurity.

Continuously monitor SOUP and software dependencies

The Ketryx Platform assembles all Software Of Unknown Provenance and other software dependencies and identifies potential risks and vulnerabilities creating an easy-to-read dashboard. Maintain peace of mind knowing your dependencies are being constantly monitored.

"The best way to reduce software supply chain risk and comply with FDA Software Bill of Material requirements."
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Director, Fortune 500 Medical Device Manufacturer

Are you building medical software?

Ketryx is the first and only connected lifecycle management software designed to enable MedTechs to take advantage of Cloud-based tools while maintaining FDA, cGMP, and ISO compliance

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