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Reduce Costs of Employee Attrition

Employee attrition can cost MedTechs as much as 250% of the annual salary for each employee lost, not to mention associated delays in bringing products to market when key employees leave.

Ketryx ensures teams can engage in the meaningful work for which they were hired – less documentation, less hand-offs, less friction with other team members.

Embrace Modern Software Tools; Optimize Existing Investment

Forcing your developers to work with ancient, legacy tools is like forcing them to wash dishes by hand in a five-star restaurant. And, constantly buying different tools to solve disconnected pieces of the MedTech design and development process creates expensive silos and only heightens the tension between Quality and Operations professionals as they struggle to find and organize necessary information across disconnected systems.

Love Your Tools; Love Your Work

Ketryx doesn’t replace your QMS or documentation system. Rather it frees developers to continue to work in their beloved cloud environments while outputting FDA-ready reports that can be stored in existing Quality and documentation systems. Enjoy full support for AWS, Jira, and GitHub, among others, eliminating the need for complex integrations.

Gain efficiency; minimize burnout

Ketryx reports directly out of your source code to automatically identify and rank cybersecurity risk factors, as well as other issues, making them easy to resolve before they affect performance. Spend less resources and time to optimize your quality and design processes while gaining efficiency.

Gain peace of mind from a system that is robust, defensible, and always compliant

Instead of worrying if compliance was “done right,” teams can focus resolving any bottlenecks to streamline processes for the long-run. Powered by AI, Ketryx predictive analytics give your company visibility into all areas of your device design and manufacturing process.

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