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Develop Fast;
Stay Compliant

Ketryx is the first and only connected lifecycle management software for MedTech that unifies quality and R&D efforts to deliver safer, more innovative software up to 2-3x faster.

Faster time to market not only results in first-mover advantages but can contribute to as much as xx% in top-line revenue and xx% increase in profitability.

Move Fast; Maintain Product Integrity

Ketryx overlays your existing development and quality systems, optimizing your investment in existing tools rather than replacing them. Powered by AI, Ketryx is a prescriptive system that allows you to produce your Design History File (DHF) and other FDA-ready documentation directly from modern development tools.

One Single Source of Truth

Developers can continue to use the modern software tools they love and rely on for speed as well as leveraging AI/ML.

Build Safer Software Faster

Peace of mind and expedited processes flow from the certainty that you can’t move a product forward unless you are compliant and working within prescribed SOPs.

Real-time visibility ensures you not only can enforce key SOPs, but identify and resolve errors faster to prevent defects and missed milestones.


Are You Building Medical Software?

Create regulated applications 2-3X faster.
Get started building software in minutes, not months.