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on-demand webinar

Jira for Regulated Development: Making Jira fit for IEC 62304

November 29, 2023
4:00 pm

This webinar explored the strategic integration of Jira to meet IEC 62304 requirements, providing invaluable insights into optimizing development processes within regulated environments through practical steps and up-to-date tools.

What you'll learn

  1. Explore Jira Integration Strategies: Learn effective strategies for integrating Jira into regulated development workflows, with a focus on customization and configuration to align with IEC 62304 requirements.
  2. Enhance Validation Processes: Discover practical approaches to leverage Jira for enhancing validation processes in accordance with IEC 62304, ensuring a seamless and compliant development lifecycle.
  3. Accelerate development: Optimizing Jira for faster development leads to more reliable, agile risk and change management.

Who should attend

  • Research and development teams
  • Regulatory affairs and compliance personnel
  • Software development teams
  • Professionals working in medical device software

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Erez Kaminski

CEO & Founder

Jan Pöschko

CTO & Founder


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