Validated Application Lifecycle

Making Software Safe and Reliable

We are a team of software builders empowering the world to build safety-critical software we can all count on.

Build for Patients

We empower software builders to create safety-critical products used by patients around the world. Those patients are our families, our friends, and our neighbours. When we ship our products, we think of them. They depend on us, and we take responsibility for what we do and how we do it.

Create High-Quality Products

Quality is a cornerstone of our work. It is ingrained into our processes and products. We build amazing products that meet and exceed customer expectations and our own high standards. To validate our assumptions, we frequently ship incremental improvements to customers, without sacrificing quality.


Our success depends on innovation. We solve real-world problems by applying the scientific method. We are curious and focused, continuously challenging assumptions and validating our work.

Be Open, Transparent, and Inclusive

We share our ideas and discoveries. We communicate explicitly and in a straightforward way. We attract diverse, capable and, committed people and provide an environment that fosters inclusion, respect, and values honesty.

Work Calmly and Deliver

We think carefully about what to focus on and then work hard to achieve it. We understand that our deliverables are time-sensitive, but we know that to create high-quality products we must operate calmly and safely. As a distributed company, we value asynchronous communication, extensive documentation, and actively driving work to completion.


Meet Our Leaders

We are a team of software developers, healthcare veterans, and regulators with a proven track record of building development tools used by millions around the world.

Erez Kaminski
CEO & Founder
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Jan Pöschko
CTO & Founder
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John Koontz
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Paul Jones
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Patrick Ecker
Senior Developer
Elena Coazzoli
Web Developer
Kai Hacker
Lead Designer
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